It would be an honor and a privilege to serve on the CAP Board of Governors.”

Some of the issues I would like to see addressed by CAP during the next three years:

  • Globalization of medicine and pathology; expanding the international presence and status of CAP Laboratory Accreditation and CAP educational programs.
  • Attracting the best and brightest young physicians to pathology
  • Assuring and defending appropriate payment for pathologists’ and laboratory services.
  • Continuing to provide “”cutting-edge”” education and training for pathologists; identify and fill knowledge gaps.
  • Supporting employed pathologists and small group practices; oppose the commoditization of pathology.
  • Supporting state pathology societies, which can increase CAP membership.
  • Retaining residents and fellows as members; eliminating the membership cliff that occurs after completion of training
  • Enhancing the image of pathology and pathologists; supporting leadership development.
  • The balance and potential conflict between being a membership organization and a successful business enterprise.
  • Working collaboratively with other pathology organizations and in the “house of medicine”.

If Elected….

I will continue to support the mission of fostering and advocating for excellence in the practice of pathology and evolution of the strategic direction of the CAP. I will contribute to the crucial and ongoing good work of the organization and hope to increase the effectiveness and relevance of CAP programs and governance. I would like to help tackle the major issues that I have listed above. Communication is key to the success of any organization and I would support activities that improve communications and enhance advocacy. The COVID pandemic has increased public awareness and elevated the role of the pathologist and the laboratory, so we should continue to capitalize on this. I would support the efforts of the CAP to increase the “pipeline” of physicians into pathology, engagement with young pathologists, and leadership development. I would like to see CAP work more collaboratively with other pathology organizations on issues of mutual importance and eliminate some of the unnecessary competition among organization

The best thing about being a pathologist is knowing you are foundational to the practice of medicine.

Rebecca L. Johnson, MD

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